Meet the Boglet Family

Meet the Boglet family being created by Henley resident Jo Haley.

So far, Jo has created, Mrs Boglet, Baby, Dad, Grandma, Grandad, Skater, Teenage Brother, Captain Pilot and Bog the Dog.

Jo is an image coach and make up artist and loves being creative. Jo said, “My friend put a post on her Facebook page with a couple of photos on it and said ‘bored…try this’ but it was copied from someone in the States.  I went to comment on it but she had deleted it thinking that because it was loo roll, it wouldn’t be funny.  I have a very childish sense of humour and loved it, so thought I would do it.  It all started after I did a live Makeup Masterclass about creating a sexy pout and that inspired my first one – Mrs Boglet!  I honestly thought that more people would do it and that it would become a ‘thing’ but it seems to be just me!”

Jo added, “I have this creative streak in me anyway but this lockdown has given me the chance to be more creative  in a childish and fun way with the Boglet Family. Not only that though, but I am having to be more creative with my business  so I am doing Live Makeup Masterclasses and more on line and so it really making me have to think out of the box as to how to keep myself going too.”

Our favourite is Grandma which Jo posted with the warning, “mind her hairy chin when you kiss her!”  Jo’s favourite is “Definitely Baby Boglet, she looks naughty and mischievous!! I made that smock dress when I was 18 at college and that toy bus was one of the first toys that I played with.”

Does Jo have ideas for lots more?  Jo replied, “I just thought that I would do a ‘family’ and stop there but to be honest, people are loving them and so I am not sure yet.  I have had lots of lovely comments from people saying that they just love seeing them as they flick through their news feed.  I have to say though, they are quite stressful to create!”

The creations don’t stay in situ long as Jo told us it is the only loo in the flat and she hasn’t bulked buy or stockpiled toilet rolls for the Boglet family.  Jo added, “We are a family of 4 and I so I buy a 9 roll pack or 24 if they are there but no bulk buying. I am to afraid to throw the empty loo rolls away in case they can be good props!”

Does anyone else in the family help her? Jo replied, “Nope, I am afraid it is just me…my kids think that I am mad.  Quite embarrassing to get in the ‘paper’ for this when in 2011 I raised £4,000 for Sue Ryder and nothing.” (before the Herald started!)

We asked Jo if she’d like suggestions from our readers on what next characters to create which she’s says she’s up for the challenge but can’t promise she’ll deliver.  If you have any good ideas, please leave them in the comments box below.