Vandalism at YMCA Tiger Turf Court

Over the last few days, there has been some vandalism of Henley YMCA’s tiger turf court on Lawson Road.

The court is used for five-a-side football and has fencing and pads all the way around. There has been damage to some wooden boards outside and pads inside.  Lisa Grant, General and Financial Manager said “Yesterday I had to ask 4 young men to leave our site. They had climbed over the fencing to play in the court. Not sure if it was them that caused the damage but it certainly was done in the last two days. On Monday I also had to ask 2 youths to leave, who had climbed over the fence to play in the court.”

With government coronavirus measures in place which asks everyone to stay at home these youths are ignoring this.  Lisa commented, “They seemed to have a total disregard for our property but more importantly no regard for the fact that the country is on lockdown and that they should have been a home, and certainly not in a group of 4 playing football.”

At this difficult time, when the charity is not receiving any income for the use of these facilities, this is extra expenditure they didn’t need.  Lisa added, “It would have taken some effort and intention to break the boards, so it wasn’t accidental. They have also caused damage to the new pads that we have only just fitted.  I have now had to purchase replacement boards and pay for someone to install them.”



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