Henley Quiz 2 – Win a Brakspear Voucher

This week’s quiz prize has been kindly donated by Brakspear and is a £25 voucher to spend on food and drink at any of their Henley pubs after they re-open.

  1. What three 5 letter words can you make out of FESTIVAL – Slave, Lives, Stale, Feast, False
  2. Who is the the new Gardiner Place development in Market Place Mews named after? Captain Gardiner, who first had the idea that Henley should hold an annual regatta.
  3. What number bus goes from Market Place to Elizabeth Road? 151
  4. Which shop now trades where the old Wimpey restaurant was in Duke Street? Cara
  5. What was the Three Horseshoes pub originally when it first opened? Sweet Shop
  6. In May 2013 who was the winner of the Brakspear competition to name the new beer Golden Bull? Jake Jones
  7. Who organises the Henley Living Advent Calendar? Richard Rodway
  8. What year did the Henley Literary Festival start? 2007
  9. Name 3 Henley shops that begin with the letter B – Bagetelle, Busby & Fox and British Heart Foundation
  10. Which bank has these mouldings above the door? HSBC

Send your answers to news@henleyherald.com with your name, address and phone number by 5pm on Tuesday 14 April 2020.

The winner of Quiz 1 was Nikki Hunter.  Click here to see the answers.

There was no winner of this week’s quiz.  The prize will roll over to next week.


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