Blazer Company Changes Production to Make Urgent Hospital Scrubs

Collier and Robinson based in Henley who make handmade blazers for rowing clubs all over the world is now sewing hospital scrubs for frontline workers at the Royal Berkshire Hospital to protect them against Covid-19.  They have set up a fundraising appeal and are calling for volunteers to help sew.

Owner, Kristie Shemilt said, “I wanted to help in whatever way I could. I quickly learnt of all the shortages in the NHS.  In line with our Government’s instruction, our workshop was sitting unused.  We had a good January/February but some of our orders have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak and the cancellation of Henley Royal Regatta.   This didn’t sit right with me as it would be so easy for me to produce the scrubs that are so urgently needed. The Royal Berkshire Hospital, a hospital I have used many times and where our 3 children were born, is desperately short of scrubs for their Covid-19 supply department.”

On Saturday Kristie committed to making 700 pairs of scrubs which would go some (not all) the way in covering the shortfall from their supplier.  She launched a JustGiving fundraising page to raise £8500. To get the ball rolling, Kristie pledged £1000 in charity funds she’d personally received. Today, donations have exceeded £11,000 which will make 860 scrubs and will continue making more scrubs if the total keeps rising.  Kristie explained, “Myself and my business is giving time, space and machine usage for free, some of the wonderful seamstresses and cutters are also giving their time for free but some do need a very basic amount to cover living expenses.”

Kristie has sourced an anti-bacterial fabric from one of her fabric suppliers in Yorkshire which is being delivered today. This fabric was woven up to make scrubs for the Maltese Hospital.

Can you help sew? Kristie will provide the cut fabric for the scrubs along with thread and elastic for waistband.  She said, “We will be loading a video of how to make the scrubs onto our Facebook page. For a fairly competent sewer, one set of scrubs should take around 1.5 hours.”

Kristie added, “We are now need more volunteers not just to sew but to iron or drive the scrubs to the hospital and would like to hear from you.  Please contact our volunteer co-ordinator Carolyn Waldron at

Tamsin from Bosley Patch is supporting the appeal by giving 20% of the profits from her Friday vegetable, bakery and flower orders.

If you would like to donate go to


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