Henley Lions Football Club Thank NHS With Funds and Video

Henley Lions Football Club made the above video to give their own thanks to NHS and have donated £350 of funds they had over due to the rest of the season being cancelled.

The club has 220 members and 63 young footballers aged from 7-14 made a video at home which was then edited together by one of the parents, Sarah Taylan.  We particularly loved Oran O’Connor and Conlan O’Connor on the waterslide doing a header, Ben doing a rap and Lily Camden dribbling in her street.

Nick Hunt from Henley Liions said, “Each year we do something to educate our players about people who need help.  Last year for example we donated our old kit and sent it off to Swaziland in Africa for children there.  They sent us back photos of them wearing it.  This year, the NHS was an obvious one to help and educate the children about.  We budget for the whole year to cover training, matches etc.  We don’t need to make money, we just budget to break even so we donated the extra funds we had available.”

Seeing all the videos edited together for the first time, Nick’s reaction was “I was overwhelmed by the number of kids and parents who decided to do a video.  Watching it back choked me up.  It was great to see so many of the players taking it seriously and knowing what the video was all about.  We know that the video has been shared by Bucks NHS Trust, Wycombe Hospital and Wexham Hospital which is great as it has been seen by the target audience we wanted of doctors and nurses.  It’s amazing that it has already been watched more than 4,500 times.”


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