Councillors Write to MP to Support Local Electricity Bill

South Oxfordshire District Councillors from all parties have written to John Howell MP asking him to support the Local Electricity Bill which will be re-introduced to Parliament as a Ten-Minute Rule Bill, today (Tuesday 28 April).

In the letter it says…

“As you know South Oxfordshire District Council last year declared a Climate Emergency and since then, has created a cross-party Climate Emergency Advisory Committee dedicated to reducing carbon emissions to net zero in our District by 2030.

This Bill, if made law, would empower local renewable energy companies to sell locally generated clean energy directly to customers by establishing a statutory right to local supply. This is currently impossible because of the huge setup and running costs involved in becoming a licensed supplier. All but the largest suppliers are effectively priced out of the market.

The Bill is a common-sense attempt to remove this handicap on small local renewable energy suppliers. It would enable local people and businesses in South Oxfordshire and around the country to buy their electricity from a local energy company, thus enhancing competition in the local energy market, improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

It would make local renewable energy schemes financially viable and help to create highly skilled local jobs in our District. Indeed, it could become a key building-block in our post-Covid 19 recovery.”



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