Photos to Make You Smile From Our Walks

With many people making the most of the lovely sunny weather and enjoying a daily exercise walk during lockdown, we’ve been sent and taken the following photos of things that have brought a smile to our faces during these uncertain and strange times.

The above fantastic den has been built in Bix Woods for everyone to see and take a rest inside on the two tree trunk seats and a piece of paper has been clipped up saying “Hello, if you visit our den, please say hello.”  People have added the date they have visited and added some lovely messages including “Home Sweet Home!  An excellent den, no need for planning permission!”  We’d love to know who has built it.

Elin and Alise Barr have painted about 20 rocks and hidden them on their walks around Henley.  They wanted to cheer people up and see whether people would keep or re hide them!  Have you spotted any of them?

Many children have gone out and chalked rainbows on the pavements but these may all disappear with the rain today.  We’re glad we captured some of these – we particularly liked this one on Greys Road which thanks others not just the NHS, the amazing brick wall on house on Peppard Lane and on the theme of rainbows we saw this lovely hanging wood decoration on a tree on Greys Road, we think there are others?  Did you make them?

This great decoration gives a thank you to all key workers but is a reminder of keeping to the 2m social distance measurement in Elizabeth Road.

Lots of Henley residents doing really lovely things for others – this basket of homemade masks can be found on Vicarage Road.