Have Your Say: Help With Fighting Covid – Download Symptom Tracker

One our readers, Graham Jones has asked that readers be made aware of the COVID Symptom Tracker and its contribution in fighting the covid-19 pandemic. Graham has been involved in the project as a mathematics graduate of Kings College London which developed the app with health science company ZOE.

This App is now being used by almost 3,000,000 people in the UK (5,765 in South Oxfordshire) who are invited to report daily if their health is normal or not and if not, report their symptoms. The data enables the identification of the earliest symptoms of Covid-19 to improve early diagnosis and enable early treatment.

Also the data allows an estimate to be made of the number of people in the UK who have symptomatic Covid.  The current estimate is 305,773, substantially down from the peak of over 2,127,663 on 1 April 2020.

This App will provide valuable data as the lock down is lifted in phases. The data will be improved with more contributors, particularly from the elderly who are less likely to use smart phones and are under-represented in existing contributors. Young mobile phone users can report their parents’ and grandparents’ symptoms  or, preferably, lack of.

The larger the sample the better the data and the more certain we will be of ensuring the correct decisions at the correct time.

The COVID Symptom Tracker can be found at https://covid.joinzoe.com which also provides links to download the App to smart phones.

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  1. Freddi says:

    first day of lockdown lifting and we already have Roudy party at the old paddock, The white house in gillotts lane. Pure greed over peoples safety,why do these people not care about anyone else. Not only do they take business from hotels and pubs, the local economy, cash in hand no tax, we love air BnB.


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