Families Fostering Greener Henley Oak Trees

Greener Henley were given about 80 small Oak tree saplings in November last year for their winter tree planting and they planted around 30 of them.

Patrick Fleming from Greener Henley said, “We planted about 30 of them, however the remainder were too small to plant out. We have now potted these out and about 40 of them were big enough to show promise for this winter’s planting. I am very pleased that Tony, one of our trees group sent a Whatsapp message to residents of Valley Road, Deanfield Road  and surrounding roads.  We now have 18 volunteer families and individuals that are now fostering these trees over the summer. The plan is to plant these out in December, mostly on the Valley Road Chalk bank and also in other areas where the council will allow us to plant.”

Before the lockdown the Trees for Henley working group planted 120 trees on Marsh Meadows.  The group achieved their campaign of planting 500 trees in the season at other sites including Tilebarn Wood and now has the task of finding enough land to plant 1000 trees in Henley this winter.

If you would like to help in the Trees for Henley project, whether by planting a tree in your garden, using your land for a number of trees, or getting involved with the planting, contact Patrick Fleming via email: flemings5@googlemail.com