Have Your Say – Increased Amount of Dog Poop in Henley Streets

I would like to address Henley dog owners,  who currently have increased amounts of time for walking their dogs, to continue picking up their dog poop. Over the last weeks of lockdown there has been an increasing amount of poop left on the roads and footpaths of Henley causing walkers and runners shoes getting soiled. With Government introducing lockdown measures to people doesn’t mean that any other rules have been relaxed, therefore the dog owners should still clean after their dogs as these rules have not changed.

I am, writing this letter because it’s the third time in 5 weeks when there has been a very significant amount poop left on our drive. The attached image is of a fresh poop from this morning.

We have now installed the CCTV camera to track down the irresponsible dog owner so that we can return his dog’s belongings to him.

Thank you

Mrs Beard
Peppard Lane

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