New Spoonville-on-Thames Dishing Up Fun New Residents

A new town has been created in Henley; Spoonville-on-Thames by Alfie Powell, aged 4 in his Granny’s garden in Elizabeth Road.

The town’s population is all Spoonys and the first residents to move in were made by Alfie’s family – Rainbow Girl, Mr Spoony and Severus Spoon.

Alfie first saw Spoonville in Winnersh where he lives.  His Granny, Caroline said, “Alfie loved the one in Winnersh and asked if we could have one at my house.  It started in Winnersh and there are now Spoonvilles in Scotland, Wales and Australia.  I went on the Spoonville International Facebook page and asked if we could create one in Henley and they said yes.  I thought it would be a lovely thing for the kids to join in and to see on their walks.  I’ve no idea how big it will be, but just thought we would give it a go.”

Alfie and Caroline would love you to create a Spoony person, all you need is an old wooden spoon or cooking utensil.  Make sure your materials are weatherproof and are attached securely so they don’t blow off.  You might want to varnish their faces to make them last longer.  Alfie and Caroline ask that you name your Spoony so they know what to call them.

Since starting the community project just a few days ago, new residents have joined – Mr Penguin, Mr Crocodile and the Queen of Hearts.

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Let’s make Spoonville-on-Thames, the biggest Spoon town – the Winnersh one has 44 spoons so far.