Henley Society Continues to Restore Historic House Signs

The Henley Society project to restore the historic house signs in Henley has been continuing despite the coronavirus lockdown with 6 more signs being recently completed.

The recent completed signs are Montreal Terrace, New York Terrace, Chester Terrace and Columbia Terrace on the Reading Road, Toronto Terrace on Harpsden Road and Brooklyn Terrace on Boston Road.  Chester Terrace on the Reading Road is being completed today (Monday) and two more are in the pipeline for Cleveland Terrace on Harpsden Road and Hamilton Terrace on Greys Road.

What’s behind the names?  Many of the properties around the junction of Harpsden Road and Reading Road, near to the Three Horseshoes pub, were built by two brothers Thomas and William Hamilton around the late 1890s early 1900 period.  The brothers visited North America for a holiday and on their return thought to name the roads and houses after places they had visited.

Geoff Luckett who has been co-ordinating the project for The Henley Society said, “None of this would have happened without the generous donations from so many people including donations from three Councillors.  The Society made a donation of £1300 to get the project started and we raised £8,500 to complete the project. It’s been lovely to work with Master Sign Writer Brian Allum who has been an absolute gem.”


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