New Normal at The Bell Surgery

The Bell Surgery in York Road has put in place a number of measures to keep patients and staff safe during the Covid-19 crisis so that they can continue to provide the safe care needed.

A perspex screen has been fitted around the reception desk to protect staff and patients. This was kindly built for them by the Head of Design and Technology at The Oratory with the Surgery just needing to pay for materials.  A very kind patient helped with some of these costs.

One of the surgery’s biggest challenges recently has been the current NHS restrictions on issuing prescriptions. They are only allowed to issue prescriptions with a supply of 28 days with effect from 19 March. To help deal with the increase in workload for staff and patients, the Surgery have been issuing a prescription for three separate 1 monthly supplies at a time and sending this to the pharmacy. The pharmacy are then able provide a new supply every 28 days for a total of three issues. After the third issue the pharmacy are not able to request the prescription and you are required to request your prescription again as normal through the online Patient Access system or call the surgery and speak to Prescriptions.

eConsult was introduced in April 2020, a system that allows patients to complete an interactive online form and contact the Surgery directly with a query. eConsult can be used to ask a GP or Nurse a question or to ask for help with a prescription query or an administrative matter e.g. letters, copies of records, insurance etc. This is another way of communicating with the Surgery during the current time which keeps the staff and patients safe. eConsult is accessible through the website, click here for more information The Bell Surgery eConsult.

The Bell Surgery are continuing to provide a variety of appointments with their GPs and Practice Nurses. Many of these appointments will initially be via telephone or video consultation. If you have any health concern just contact us on 01491 843250 or online via our website, using eConsult. The GP or Nurse will call you back and do everything they can to help you over the phone. If they feel that you need to come to the surgery for a face to face appointment this will be arranged. You will then be given the following instructions by our Reception team before coming into the Surgery:

  • Please phone us on your arrival in the car park to check in with reception and stay in your car (where possible) until we invite you into the surgery at the time of your appointment.
  • Please wear a face covering. This can be a scarf, mask or any other suitable garment. 
  • We suggest you use your own loo at home so you do not need to use the surgery toilets.
  • Wash your hands when you return home.

When you see a clinician they will be wearing full PPE with surgical masks to protect you and themselves.

The surgery continues to provide regular and urgent blood tests where appropriate, childhood immunisations and other medical injections.  You don’t need to come into the Surgery for these. Nurses will come out to you in your car and we have set up a gazebo on the grass over the bench at the side of the surgery so that nurses can see any vulnerable patients outside.

The nurses are wearing full PPE when seeing patients in all locations.  Just let reception know if you would like to be seen outside the Surgery.

In the waiting room there is a reduced amount of seating to ensure social distancing for those patients who need to come and sit down in the surgery. In addition by phoning us when you arrive in the car park our clinicians can come to the surgery door and take you directly to their consulting room.

To read the full Bell Surgery newsletter go to /new-normal-at-the-bell-surgery



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