Cheeky Chimp Morris Monkeys Around to Bring Smiles in Lockdown

Morris Monkey (above) has been bringing a smile to people’s faces in Gainsborough via their Facebook group and he was brainchild of Maria Whyte who lives on the estate.

Maria, a Counsellor working from home said, “I thought it would be a bit of fun during lockdown and would hopefully give people something to smile or chuckle about.  He has been a nice source of entertainment for me too. I’ve never done anything like this before.  Morris is a PG Tips chimp that was free a few years ago.  I didn’t have any other soft toys to choose from and he had a great mouth that could be utilised for this.”

Using the clever app, My Talking Pet, Maria recorded the songs or monologues using her own voice, she then chose an app voice and downloaded a picture of Morris and the app then makes the video with Morris’ mouth moving.  Maria said, “It costs £23 for the year but it has been well worth it for all the fun it gives.”

The first video Maria recorded was to promote the Government coronavirus guidelines which includes Morris telling you to “eat bananas and drink lots of Prosecco!”

The second video was a recording of Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry Be Happy.  We really loved the video above of Morris singing YMCA with Maria’s clever new words that include “Young man, there’s no place we can go.  I said young man, we gotta go with the flow. We can stay safe and in lockdown we’ll find many ways to have a good time.”

The latest video shows Morris dressed up in his chef’s outfit in search of flour. Maria has bought and used photos (with permission) of Morris’ outfits from Hilary Fox who sells them on ebay specially for PG Tips chimps.

Maria said, “The next video, Morris has started looking for a bit of romance through online dating and he’s got many more adventures to go on.”

Morris has now got his own Facebook page and YouTube channel so you can watch all his videos there now.  Asking Maria would Morris like to be a global viral star, she replied, “Yes I am sure he’d love to go far, with people enjoying and sharing him globally, that would all be good fun.  I’ve belly laughed over this monkey and it’s nice that people are getting behind him too.”