Have Your Say – Increase in Need for Bereavement Support

Dear Editor,

As a result of the growing Coronavirus death toll, national healthcare charity Sue Ryder is seeing an increase in need for its bereavement support, which we are struggling to keep up with.

In addition to the tragic increase in deaths that the UK is seeing, the grief that those around us are experiencing now is unlike anything we have ever witnessed before.

As a result of the lockdown restrictions, loved ones of those dying from all causes not just Coronavirus have been unable to be at their loved one’s bedside when they died. They have been prevented from holding their hand or saying goodbye. Many people have not been able to attend funerals or find solace and comfort, physically, in the arms of their support networks.

Normally, our usual routines of school, work or activities can provide us with a sense of safety, like an anchor to life before our loss. This consistency can help with the process of grieving, but the lockdown and social distancing measures have meant that feelings of grief are being intensified and compounded.

Sue Ryder now has a waiting list for our free video bereavement counselling. This means there are grieving people in need of our support right now, who we are currently unable to reach.

Coronavirus is impacting so many of us all, as well as our friends and neighbours. We are asking your readers to please give what they can afford, however small. We need their help to help those struggling with grief at this very difficult time. Every little bit will help us to recruit more trained counsellors for our free bereavement counselling service.

If any of your readers are struggling with the loss of a loved one and would like to find out more about our support services they can visit www.sueryder.org/support.

Thanking you in advance for your support,

Heidi Travis,
Chief Executive at Sue Ryder


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