Have Your Say – Send 100th Birthday Card to Henley’s Last Surviving Veteran

Just recently you did a wonderful article on Henley resident Dick Charlton, a veteran soldier from the second world war.

Dick whose wife Doris died on Boxing Day, has now moved out of his house of 50 years in Luker Avenue, and is now a resident of Chilterns Court Care Centre in York Road.

Dick as far as I am aware, is the last surviving member of the Oxon & Bucks 4th Battalion, that fought in the second world war that lives in Henley.

Dick celebrates his 100th birthday on 2nd June but unfortunately the Care Home will still be in lock-down, how wonderful it would be if your readers were to send him a birthday card, as a thank you for what he and many others did for us in the second world war.

Please send your card to Mr Dick Charlton, Chilterns Court Care Centre, York Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, RG9 2DR


Ken Arlett
Mayor of Henley



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