Thieves Target Car to Steal Catalytic Converter

Last night (Tuesday) a group of three or more men were seen on King’s Road stealing a catalytic converter from underneath a car.

A witness said, “We were woken up at 1am this morning by the sound of a drill or an angle grinder. One man was standing beside our opposite neighbour’s car (dressed all in black with a black face mask). There were two loud noises (like grinding metal) and a second rolled out from under the car. I shouted out at them and they ran off down the road where a black car was waiting for them. We reported it immediately and the police came out and checked the owner’s car. The catalytic converter had been cut out. The whole thing took less than a few minutes.”

This a nationwide crime that started to be reported last year with the criminals targeting Toyota Pruis and Honda Jazz, mostly hybrid, as the catalytic converter is easier to access without jacking the car up.  In February, the Evening Standard reported that 1,000 converters were being stolen in London every month.  KH commenting on the Facebook post said, “The precious metals inside called rhodium and palladium are worth a lot, rhodium is worth up to 6 times the value of gold at the moment, quick money for them, when you hear them cutting, you’ll have just a few minutes to act.”

If you see or hear anything please call 999 immediately.

A number of cars were also broken into this week on Crisp Road in Henley.



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