Skip Fire on Chiltern Close & Car Fire on St Andrews

Henley fire service were called to a skip on fire at around 1215 today in Chiltern Close, off Elizabeth Road.

Neighbour, Miriam Luke first saw the fire and alerted her neighbours.  She said “I saw it first and tried to put it out with our hose and home fire extinguisher but this didn’t dampen the flames.”

The skip was full of wood, metal and glass.

Firefighter Michael Clarke said, “We used one hose reel jet to dampen down the fire in the skip and carried on until the fire and smoke had cleared. We are not sure what had started it, it could have been a discarded cigarette or a glass bottle magnifying the sun. We can confirm it was not suspicious and was accidental. We had just come back from a large bonfire in Wargrave, it was fortunate though that the builders were there but we have given some advice as to think of neighbours and surrounding environment before having such a large bonfire.”

Sam Petrie whose skip it was said on Twitter, “Huge thanks to the crew who responded so quickly when a skip caught fire on our drive. Thanks to you we still have our home!”

An hour after the skip fire the fire service were called to St Andrews Road to a car on fire, on arrival they could see a car well alight with smoke rising up the road. Wearing breathing apparatus and using a hose reel jet FF Jack Staines calmly brought the fire under control until it was completely out.

Firefighter Clarke added, “We had to kindly ask some people to go back inside and shut their doors and windows, we know it might be tempting to take videos or photos but the smoke is extremely toxic and you really don’t want to come in contact with it. Everyone listened and retreated to a safe place. We’d like to thank Victoria Williams-Gray who helped with traffic control and stopping any pedestrians coming down the road. We’d like to add that before you start taking photos or videos make sure someone has called 999 first as that is more important.”