Planning Committee Recommends Approval of Gillotts Lane Traffic Calming System

Henley Town Council Planning Committee reviewed the plans for the Gillotts Lane traffic calming system (click on above to enlarge) this week which will see a one-way chicane system between the footpath entrance and access to Garden Cottage.

The kerb will be built out approx 200 metres down from the Gillotts School exit with priority being given to traffic travelling up Gillotts Lane towards Greys Road.  There will be new kerbing, reflective bollards, signage and resurfacing of the road.

This traffic calming measure was part of the Highlands Park planning application to slow down the increased traffic from this development.

The Planning Committee were given an extra few days after the public consultation was open from 1-29 May to give their views.  They recommended that the plans be approved.  County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak commenting that this proposal has been going on for a few years and this is now “a great scheme that has been carefully thought through by County officers.”


  1. David Nimmo Smith says:

    Gillotts Lane is not in Henley – it is in Harpsden. Are you going to report what Harpsden Parish Council and their County Councillor, David Bartholomew, think?

    • Editor says:

      We do cover Harpsden and we understand from the meeting that Councillor Bartholomew has been consulted on this and recommends it too.


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