Badgemore Children Enjoy The Outdoors with 1000 Mile Colour Challenge

Badgemore School children have been set a 1000 mile colour challenge during lockdown to encourage them to get outside and exercise to help with their physical and mental health wellbeing during these difficult times.

The challenge was the idea of Forest School Leader, Caroline Jacob.  She said, “Not being in school myself has been tough so made me think how it has been for the children and parents having to deal with a whole new way of life. The teachers have been working tirelessly hard in setting the children work to do in a new virtual way.   This got me thinking about their physical and mental well being as I am unable to get them out and about like I would do normally, being one of the Forest School leaders.  So many parents have been focused on the children missing out on school work, but may not have given much thought to getting them out for exercise.”

The challenge is for the whole school to complete 1,000 miles.  Caroline explained, “That on its own I thought wouldn’t be enough to encourage them to get out so I thought why not get them to wear a different colour each day. I put together an email to go out to all the parents explaining what was happening along with their first colour, red.  I made sure that those not able to go out and about for whatever reason could still be involved by sending in their steps and photos of them wearing the day’s colour.”

The challenge was started on Monday 18 May and since then the children have completed almost 330 miles.  They have walked, cycled, scooted, horse ridden, swum in the river, roller skated, kayaked and played basketball!

Jaymee, aged 5, Laurel Class said “I’ve really enjoyed the walking challenge.” Jaymee has walked almost 30 miles since the challenge started.

Parent Nikki Cooper said, “Jemima has really enjoyed the challenge and asks each morning “what colour is it today?” no prompting needed 😊 An inspired idea, which has helped her feel connected to the school in a fun and engaging way, every day, even during half term. Thank you.”

Parent Jenna Thatcher added, “On our adventures, Orion’s main aim is to find a snake,🐍  that’s what gets him out.  Every person we have come across, Orion has stopped to talk to them, to tell him what we are up to.  It’s wonderful to see the beautiful innocence of a child, Orion will stop and talk to anyone, both young and old.  Not only does it give both Orion and I a bit of heart, but you can see others smile and touched to hear Orion’s story.  You never know, Orion’s short conversation could have meant a lot to someone, for example, if they were having a bad day, it will give them a little bit of heart 💓!”

Caroline added, “I’m so proud of the children for getting involved with this and look forward to seeing the wonderful photographs that the parents have been sending in. I can quite gladly say that i’m really pleased with how my idea has come in to fruition.”

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