Henley Army Cadets Speak to Britain’s Most Senior Soldier

Six Henley Detachment senior cadets were given the opportunity to attend an exclusive event held by Army Sergeant Major Gavin Paton, Britain’s most senior soldier.

Eleven Nivelle Company senior cadets from Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force were invited to this meeting as a treat from their Company Commander. The senior cadets should be commended for all their hard work as they have producing material for an online learning platform (Google Classrooms) for other junior cadets to use.

The meeting itself, held on the video conference application, Zoom, gave the cadets a chance to discover more about leadership within the British Army. Sergeant Major Paton shared his own experiences as well as providing advice on being an effective leader. The fireplace format offered an open discussion with contribution from everyone, adding an engaging atmosphere.

This once in a lifetime opportunity enabled the cadets to learn more about roles in the British Army, allowing Sergeant Major Paton to voice the challenges and experiences he has faced. He also gave valuable advice and recommendations which will benefit the cadets greatly in life. Whilst focusing on leadership and development the inclusiveness of the chat meant cadets had the opportunity to ask questions, expanding their knowledge for personal development. This rare event was inspirational, giving the cadets guidance and suggestions to help them develop not only in their cadet career but also in life itself.

Colour Serjeant Ashleigh Poolan, Henley’s most senior cadet described the experience as “both transformative and enlightening, which all attendees will benefit from. I look forward to putting the skills & advice provided into practice within the cadets. On behalf of the senior cadets in Nivelle Company we would like to say a massive thank you to Sergeant Major Paton for this incredible, transformative opportunity.”

The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Defence. For 12-18-year olds, designed to deliver challenging and varied training based on military themes and concepts. Henley Detachment is located at the Drill Hall in Friday Street. We are currently training online every Wednesday from 1920 to 2045hrs. We would love for new Cadets and Adult Volunteers to come visit us and experience something new. For any Henley Detachment enquires please email AUO Mel Haynes, 3360hayne@armymail.mod.uk 



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