Climate Emergency Working Group To Set Up Community Energy Group

The Henley Town Council Climate Emergency Working Group have agreed that rather than setting up their own community energy society they will link with Reading Community Energy Society (RCES) and will form a Henley based Chiltern Hills Community Energy Group which will draw on the use of the Reading Society’s administration and financial management support.

Being attached to RCES would allow the progression of larger, share funded schemes such as solar panels on large community and commercial buildings within our area.  The Chiltern Hills Community Energy Group will be formed as a Community Action Group.  This will enable them to recruit more members and possibly to enable it to apply for grant funding for projects through bodies such as the Rural Community Energy Fund.  This is in line with Henley Town’s Council’s Repair Cafe which is hoped to be started in the near future at the Over 60s Club which will also be a Community Action Group.

At the Henley Town Council Planning Committee meeting last week Councillors recommended that the Climate Emergency Working Group to purchase a £1 Class B share in the Low Carbon Hub Community Interest Company which will give benefits of being able to apply each year for a small grant of £500 (at any time) or a large grant of up to £5,000 via an application in the Autumn each year.  In addition the CE Working Group can nominate a community building for a free energy audit worth £630.

The Planning Committee is also recommended that there a new tree, hedging, biodiversity and protection of habitat (and preservation) strategy should be developed.  Discussions have taken place with the Parks and Estate Managers regarding land ownership and potential locations for tree planting.   The Working Group will also work with the Neighbourhood Plan Committees.

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  1. Peter Woolsey says:

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    Another patented technology burns hydrogen 18% more efficiently. These two technologies will help to delay climate change.

    Our objective is to transfer the technology to the UK (from Estonia) and develop trials with communities. For example, future domestic gas fired boilers will use our technology to reduce heating costs and reduce C02 emissions.

    We would like to share the understanding of our technology so that customers can demand that UK gas appliance suppliers become aware of the benefits. As we are a small hit-tech firm, based in Estonia, we need help to make people aware of what is possible. Peter Woolsey MBA, CEO Wind Power Resources Ltd, Efenco OU and Icon International Plasma Energy Ltd.


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