Mill Meadows Child Parking is Still FREE

One of our readers has asked whether the ten child parking spaces next to the play park at Mill Meadows are still free for 1 hour even though the play park is currently closed.

Head of Parks Services, Karl Bishop said, “I can confirm that the parking bays at Mill Meadows that offer 1 hour free parking for parent and children to use the play parks are still available to use even though the play parks are currently closed. However anyone caught abusing the free parking by either over staying the 1 hour period or parking with no visual evidence of a child’s presence (i.e. child seat in the vehicle) will then be issued an excess charge notice.”

All parks in Henley including the skatepark are currently closed in line with current Covid-19 government guidelines.  The Prime Minster has announced today that they will be allowed to reopen on 4 July.





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