Rupert House School Welcomes Back All Remaining Year Groups

Rupert House School have invited all their remaining children in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 back to school on Tuesday this week.

The school is working within government guidelines and the vast majority of the pupils have returned.  Children are working in ‘bubbles’ of 15 or fewer, with a teacher and a TA or a second teacher.  They work and play in these groups all day without mixing with other children or adults.  There are staggered times and places to drop off and pick up children and the school has put in place enhanced hygiene and cleaning regimes as required by the government.   Desks are as far apart as possible, as per guidelines.  This has been made easier for as the school’s normal class sizes tend to be very small.

Headteacher, Clare Lynas said, “We have a good team of staff who are collaborating exceptionally well to make this possible for the sake of the children’s well-being. Tuesday was a really important day for Rupert House and especially for those children who have not been able to see their friends or teachers face-to-face for three months!  They were so excited!  The staff were pretty excited too.  We have had an excellent term using Firefly and Zoom to provide a full timetable of online learning and our community is rightly proud of the reputation of our provision and the progress made by the children.  For the last two weeks of term, our focus is on letting the children have fun and enjoy their friendships, for the sake of their mental health, before the summer holidays.”

Catherine Aithal – Year 4 parent said, “It is absolutely fantastic that Rupert House School have been so proactive in getting the school gates open again for our children. Opening only a few days after the government released official guidance, this demonstrates a real can do attitude and the upmost care and concern for the well being of our children. In what must be a logistical nightmare for such a small school, welcoming the whole school back is seriously impressive.

Our head Mrs Lynas, is leaving this year and she must not have ever imagined that her last term would look like this but the way she has lead the school through this unprecedented time will always be gratefully remembered.”


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