Government Emergency Active Cycling & Walking Scheme Funding for Henley

Henley will receive part of Oxfordshire’s first tranche of £600K funding from the Transport Secretary’s government package to create a new era for cycling and walking. The aim of this scheme is to build upon the unprecedented levels of cycling and walking across the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging more people to adopt healthier travel habits easier and helping respond to increases to transport demand during the recovery phase.

All of the bike zones on the roads at the traffic lights have been repainted this week and between 15-20 new bike stands will be installed in Henley within the next 6 weeks.

The second tranche of funding for Oxfordshire will be £2.3m and County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak has applied for the following for Henley:

  • Extension of 20mph zone (outside schools plus Harpsden Road, St Marks and St Andrews)
  • Widening of Gravel Hill pavement, pedestrian crossing and one way priority road system (as previously proposed)
  • Installation of 10 wooden ‘Walk to Town’ signs around town showing the number of minutes to walk into town
  • Two new cycle routes from Mill Lane into town and from Tesco out on to the Fairmile (black and red routes shown on the map above)  Click on map to enlarge
  • Introduce a 7.5 ton HGV limit into Henley town

There will also be an investigation study of a pedestrian zone for central Henley or timed zone in Market Place, Bell Street or Duke Street.

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said, “We know that because of the absence of policing we can’t enforce the 20mph limit but if people like myself who drive at 20mph it forces everyone behind me to do the same.   We need more people to do this to self police.  We may have to look at putting in raised platforms particularly in Harpsden Road where we know people are speeding.  We will of course be carrying public consultations on all of these initiatives in the next 6 weeks.”

John Todd who lives on Kings Road “There seems very little control of traffic travelling past my front door in the Kings Road – traffic seems to regularly pass my door well in excess of the 20 mph limit especially at night and early mornings.  I would like to see more signage like the photos below in Reading and Chorleywood.  I can’t believe OCC managed to spend £35,000 on a few signs in Henley.”

Stefan replied, “I have asked for a 20mph sign to be painted on the road at the bottom of Kings Road like the ones on Greys Road and the Fairmile.  This was missed out when they did these.”


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