Historic House Sign Project Ends on a High

The Henley Herald was delighted to help with the finishing of The Henley Society’s historic house sign project yesterday morning when the last sign (Caxton Terrace) was returned to its former glory on Station Road.

Geoff Luckett from The Henley Society told our Editor Michaela Clarke that the Caxton Terrace sign was proving tricky as the sign was on the third floor and the signwriter couldn’t reach it safely by ladders and that expensive scaffolding would need to be hired which was three times the cost of the sign renovation.  Michaela said, “I made an introduction for Geoff to Murray Gale at Southern Plant, one of our brilliant community sponsors who was delighted to offer to help with providing a cherry picker for the job.”

Geoff Luckett said, “The re-siting of the Caxton Terrace sign brings to an end our Project 2019. Without the help of many the project would not have got going.  Our generous sponsors, our Society Members and  Henley Town Councillors especially The Mayor Ken Arlett, Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak and Councillor Kellie Hinton who have all been really supportive and contributed to the cause. Our Master Sign Writer Brian Allum has been a delight to work with and has made the Project a pleasure, and of course our most recent benefactor, Murray Gale of Southern Plant Hire Henley who twice allowed us the free-of-charge use of a ‘cherry picker’ which enabled us to complete the Caxton Terrace installation and saved us the hire of scaffolding which would have been four times the cost of painting the sign!  Against an initial target of seventeen signs we have completed nineteen and we would have liked to do three more but were unable to get house owner approvals to do the work on the other three. Finally, thank you to Michaela and the Henley Herald who have given us splendid coverage throughout and made the introduction to Southern Plant.”

Brian Allum said, “I’m really glad to see them back as they were.  If not they would have been completely disappeared and gone.  Some of them were really faded and we have kept them in the same style of the others in the area.  The ones for example in Reading Road were different to the ones on Greys Hill/Greys Road.  This one has been the highest, so we’re finishing on a high.”

Murray Gale from Southern Plant said, “We’ve been a part of the Henley community for over 30 years so we’re happy to support initiatives within the town wherever we can. We think the heritage of Henley is important and it’s great to see the progress with the refurbished signage. Kudos to Geoff, Brian and the team for the good work.”

Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett said, “It has been a pleasure working alongside Geoff Luckett from the Henley Society over the past 6 months in refurbishing about 20 signs on terraced houses in town, this securing these names for the history of Henley-on-Thames. Geoff has almost single-handedly organised raising the money, gaining listed planning permission where needed, and managing to find such a gifted sign writer in Mr Brian Allum and his son Tom.  Caxton Terrace in Station Road was the last piece of the jigsaw, so I am aware Geoff is now looking forward for his and Henley Society’s next venture! Just a quick thank you to Southern Plant for the use of one of their cherry pickers to allow the sign writer to erect the Caxton Terrace sign.”

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