College Responds to Sites Being Included in Neighbourhood Plan Review

The Henley College sites in Deanfield Avenue and the original Rotherfield site off Paradise Road have been shortlisted in the latest Joint Henley & Harpsden Neighbourhood Plan review report undertaken by AECOM which identified 35 sites in Henley for housing, of which 8 where shortlisted.

AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK were appointed by Henley Town Council to conduct a review of the Neighbourhood Plan and have included 339 houses on the College’s sites in their report.  In 2014 The Henley College said they had had several developers offering to build a new campus by selling off their playing fields off Tilebarn Close.  In 2016 the College put forward their the land for the original Neighbourhood Plan but it wasn’t included as one of the housing sites.

Satwant Deol, Principal of Henley College said, “The Henley College completed a full review of its property strategy in 2017. A fundamental conclusion of that review was the importance of both the Deanfield and Rotherfield upper site for the future operation of the College. The strategy identified the need to invest in the current estate to ensure that Henley learners benefit from the best possible learning experience; as a result we have completed substantial refurbishments of spaces at both sites in the summers of 2018 and 2019 with further investment now underway this Summer too.

In the longer term the strategy also sets out a number of potential new build projects that could be delivered on the site to improve the accessibility of both campuses and provide new learning and social spaces for students. In order to support the delivery of that strategy the College have identified the potential for housing development to take place on a small scale in-fill basis on both campuses together with the potential for a larger housing development on the lower site at Rotherfield. All funds that may be able to be raised from a future housing development would be re-invested in the future college facilities.

We therefore welcome the inclusion of the sites within the Local Plan review and are committed to effective engagement with our neighbours and the wider local community in the event that the site is formerly allocated in due course.”

For details of all the sites under review read

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