Rotary Talk – Where There’s Muck, There’s Brass

The old adage would seem to suggest that recycling is not only good for the planet but also lucrative.  So, when we put out our green bins or take things to the recycling centre, are we lowering our council bills as well as ridding our countryside of rubbish?

And where does it all go anyway? How is it split up? What can we do to make it a smoother operation?

These issues and more will be addressed at the next public, online talk hosted by the Rotary Club of Henley-on-Thames. Guest speaker will be Jessica Beare, waste and recycling officer for South Oxfordshire District Council.

Jessica plans to talk about why recycling is important, what goes into each of our kerbside bins and then what happens to it. She will also address the barriers and other issues facing recycling, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the waste industry both as a whole and on the local level.

The talk — which is open to everyone — will be held on Zoom at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 21 July. It follows the Rotary Club of Henley’s highly successful talks with Tim Prior of community group and food bank NOMAD, Hart Surgery GP Philip Unwin on post-COVID doctoring, and property expert Matthew Davis on housing in Henley. These can all be seen at:

To join the recycling talk on 21 July, register at:

For further information, contact:  Phil Fletcher at


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