Badgemore School Unveils Special Covid-19 Staff Testimony Artwork

Innovative, progressive, responsive, flexible, nurturing, friendly and legendary are all words that parents have described the staff at Badgemore School which feature on a new piece of artwork unveiled at the school yesterday.

Parents were asked by Governors about 2 weeks ago to answer three questions. Describe in a few words or lines the team’s attitude during lockdown, share a positive, funny or touching moment about the school or interaction with your child and in three to five words how would you describe the Badgemore Team.  These words were then collated by Governor Bill Feeney into a word cloud and uploaded into the school logo.  Ben Hargreaves from local creative design agency in8 helped to produce the final artwork.

Chair of Governors, Ian Massey said, “This has been unprecedented few months and the governors had this idea to try and develop something that showed our appreciation for the staff.  What we wanted to do was to come up with something that was both interesting and long lasting.  It’s alright coming up with the idea but it’s making it happen and thanks to Bill for doing this in a very short period of time.  Thanks to all the parents who responded.  The feedback has been exceptional and the staff have skilled themselves up very quickly to provide professional and quality teaching and have been sensitive to the situation and really helpful to parents.   I think we’ve got a lasting testimony to the work that this school has put in (parents, staff, children, governors) over the last few months.  It is a way for us to remember this.”

Governor Bill commented, “We asked three very simple questions.  What came back resonates so clearly is the values of the school so putting that into this work was really amazing and to understand that from Governor level all the way down to the staff everybody has the same values and delivers them in the same way.  It’s very heartwarming to see. As a governor our skills have been deployed in a pretty different way over the last few months.”

Headteacher, Tim Hoskins said, “This has been a tough year, but actually for us it has been a very successful year and wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for the staff here today.  It’s been amazing.  Since the days when it was dark early on to today when it has brightened up so much.  That’s because of the school’s community spirit and the willingness to work together in these desperate times.  All these words are about you (the staff) because of what you have done.  We work hard every year.  This year has been extra special.  We want you to read these and recognise them for all your hard work in the school.  Thanks for doing an amazing job this year.”

Early Years, Teacher Julie James exclaimed after the reveal, “I’m overwhelmed and feel very proud. It has been so lovely to see the children’s faces light up again, hear them laugh and be back to themselves.”

One parent’s full feedback was…”As usual, in face of many obstacles that many other schools don’t have to face, the Badgemore team rose to the occasion to care for the well-being and learning of their pupils.  While redeveloping lessons and facing their own learning curve around using technology for distance learning, they also took on the extra role of social worker to make sure every child was cared for.”

We particularly loved the “Awesome effort by Team Badgemore during Covid” which takes centre stage of the new artwork.

All the staff were also given a mug with the same artwork on it to take home.