Saracen’s Head New Boules Pitch Hit With Customers

The popular French Boules game has come to Henley at The Saracen’s Head pub on Greys Road with a new pitch being installed in the garden over lockdown.

The pub is well known for its sport with a pool table and darts board inside, this makes a great addition to the garden.

Landlords Colin and Mel Roberson had plenty of time to look at jobs that needed doing whilst the pub was shut.  Mel explained, “When we were first in lockdown we cleared out the barns and painted the windows and dug new flower beds as we had time to do it.  We then decided to do the boules pitch.”

Colin said, “I’ve always wanted to have a boules pitch and that space was just a dead, rough area and no-one wanted to sit round there.  Over the years we have had play equipment on it including an trampoline and Mel’s had a washing line there.”

Mel commented, “When we reopened, everyone just loved it.  It’s great because anyone can play.  That’s the beauty of it.  I don’t know any other pub that has a pitch.  It’s turned out really well.  A couple of guys dug it out, then a friend did some levelling and then Colin finished it.  He worked really hard.”

The pub also has a new larger TV outside to watch sport on and they are babysitting 9 picnic tables from The Angel on Bridge’s terrace as they had to remove them because of social distancing.  Mel commented, “We wanted to keep everyone outside because it is safer because we are so small inside.  We hope to make the most of the summer and warm weather.  It’s good that the pubs can work together in times like these and I’d like to thank the gentleman who helped bring the tables up to us.  Henley is such a great community.”

Emma Sweet, Brakspear Marketing Manager said, “Mel and Colin have worked really hard on their garden to create a lovely environment for everyone to enjoy. The boules pitch is great for all ages and a lovely way to spend an afternoon with a pint or two. With everyone wanting to spend more time outside in the sunshine, it’s a great use of space and the large TV for the sport will be enjoyed by many I’m sure.”