Henley Army Cadets – Success in One Mile Running Competition  

Around the Country the Army Cadet Force (ACF) have been partaking in the ACF Mile. During these times of social distancing, and the current lack of competitions across the ACF, there is a gap that can be filled by virtual racing. Virtual racing allows individuals to compete against one another; in a safe way that conforms with the government’s current social distancing guidelines. To that end, ACF Sports have set up a virtual one mile competition that is open for all ACF personnel.

The Cadets from Oxfordshire have taken this challenge head on, trying to get the best scores possible. All of the times have been fantastic, with everyone playing their part. Henley had 20 cadets and adult instructors entered in the race, 1,400 people entered the ACF Mile in total.

The results for the South East Region have been published. Congratulations to the following Henley cadets on their performance. Gold Medal (Junior Girls) to Lance Corporal Jasmine Barrow, Gold Medal (Senior Girls) to Colour Serjeant Ashleigh Poolan and a Silver Medal (Senior Boys) to Serjeant Jamie Forehand.

A further Congratulations to Colour Serjeant Ashleigh Poolan who’s time of 5 minutes 4 seconds makes her the National Champion (Senior Girls) of the One Mile Competition.

The cadets will receive a ‘National Sports Competitor’ badge for taking part in the race which they can proudly display on their uniform, notifying all that they are National champions which is definitely something to be proud of.

These are tough times and the ACF Mile is an amazing achievement for all the cadets who took part and they should be very proud of what they have achieved.

The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Defence. For 12-18-year olds, designed to deliver challenging and varied training based on military themes and concepts. Henley Detachment at the Drill Hall in Friday Street and parade every Wednesday from 1900 to 2130hrs. We would love for new Cadets and Adult Volunteers to come visit us and experience something new, whether that is our virtual parade night or once we re-open for face to face training.  For any Henley Detachment enquires please email AUO Mel Haynes, 3360hayne@armymail.mod.uk


National Sport Competitor Badge that the cadets will receive.


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