Greys WI Members Get Newsletter by Special Delivery

Members of Greys WI have missed their meetings during lockdown and decided to create a newsletter instead to keep everyone in touch during these difficult times.  Although most members were happy to receive their newsletter via email, there were some that preferred a paper printed copy so member Merryl Roberts and her husband Ian along with their dog Bryn have made some special deliveries.

The newsletter was put together by secretary Jen Smith along with many contributions from members and was delivered to 11 members in Henley along with the monthly News & Views from OFWI.

Merryl said, “I have a poorly knee, walking is very painful so distributing the newsletter became a family business. I enrolled by husband Ian and our honorary WI dog to help deliver the ones in Elizabeth Road where he takes our dog for a walk.  Ian then drove me on a tour of Henley to drop off at Sherwood Gardens, Makins Road, Nicholas Road and Gainsborough where one of our oldest member lives.”

Wearing disposable gloves, Merryl tucked the newsletter in the letterboxes and then rang the doorbells.  She then retreated to a safe distance to wait.  She said, “When the door opens a conversation takes place; How are you? Any problems? Have you heard that….? We laugh, because we are British, but we also complain – for the same
reason. The conversations have changed – recently they have been about hairdressers but the friendship never does. On route down Makins one time we drove through a street party with neighbours on both sides of the road, waving and offering glasses of wine and chunks of cake cheerfully.”

The last delivery stop is to President Val who needs a copy of the newsletter for her records.

The Amazing Greys as they are called are all looking forward to their real meetings; friends, fun and chat together – even if they have to bring our own wrapped biscuit!

They are hoping to have a safe meeting on Wednesday 16 September in Greys Village hall at 2.30pm. Until then, our delivery round will continue – cheers,

New members and visitors always welcomed. If you would like more information about Amazing Greys WI, please email: or phone: 01491