Increase in Reports of Courier Fraud in Henley

Residents of Henley have been targeted by people contacting them by phone and advising them that they are calling from their bank. They are informing people that their cards have been compromised and that they will be sending a courier around to collect their old cards and provide them with replacements.

On four separate occasions cards have been collected and then used to withdraw funds from the victim’s accounts.

Thames Valley Police ask that you keep in mind that your bank will never ask for your bank details, including your security card number on the rear of the card or your pin number. They will also never send a courier around to collect your bank cards.

If you are contacted and told that there has been fraudulent activity linked to your account, use another phone to ring the fraud department of your bank if possible. To get a different line, use a phone owned by a family member, friend or neighbour. This is because scammers can keep phone lines open after pretending to hang up. So while you think you’re making a new phone call, the line is still open to the scammer, who pretends to be someone from your bank.

The fraud department will be able to confirm that it your bank has legitimate concerns about your account.

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