TV Presenter Andi Peters Enjoys Extra Trip on Henley River Cruise

Good Morning Britain TV Presenter, Andi Peters enjoyed an extra trip on his river cruise in Henley last Thursday when he was filming live at 6.55am.

On board a Hobbs of Henley boat, after telling presenters Ranvir and Adil in the studio, “This is the kind of morning you would want. Cruising on the Thames! Let’s go Jonathan!” he tripped backwards before spinning around and finally toppling on to one of the boat’s seats!

He left Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh in stitches as he scrambled around on deck. Ranvir said: “You haven’t quite found your sea legs there Andi! “Can I just say what an honour it is to be on the same show as a professional.”

Andi was in town promoting the Free Cash Friday competition where viewers can win £95,000.

Suzy Hobbs said, “ITV approached us about this opportunity which of course we accepted! Andi was great to work with and very entertaining, especially when he fell over on one of our boats! ITV’s visit was a fantastic opportunity to promote our beautiful Henley and has resulted in an increase in interest in boat hire for us which is a welcomed gift in these difficult times.”



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