Jeweller Replaces Lost Ring

David Rodger Sharp, a jeweller in Henley has kindly given Eve Lloyd a new Vivienne Westwood ring after she lost one she’d only bought the day before whilst walking back home from town on Sunday.

The ring was worth about £200.  Eve, 17 who goes to Queen Anne’s School in Caversham explained, “We went out for lunch and my brother and I were walking home and I guess it flew off in the rain as it was cold. My hands always shrink in the cold so all my rings get loose.  When I got home I looked at my hand and realised I’d lost it.  My brother and I came back into town straight away and looked on all the pavements but didn’t find it.”

Eve’s Mum then posted on Facebook and Henley Parents to ask if anyone had found it.  David who owns a shop in Duke Street saw the post and decided to offer Eve a new ring.

David Rodger Sharp said, “I know what it is like to lose something that is precious and how it makes you feel and I used to be a stockist of Vivienne Westwood and I knew I had a few odds bits and bobs.  I just thought it was a nice thing to do and I encouraged Eve when I gave it to her to do something nice for someone else.  It’s a small gesture but I thought it would have a big impact to remind people that sometimes nice things happen to people.”

Eve added, “It’s quite overwhelming for someone to come forward and be so generous and give somebody something especially when I’ve never met them before.  It’s a nice to know people can do that.  I am quite into jewellery and I’d been saving up for a while to be able to buy the ring.  David showed me a box of rings.  It’s not the same as the one I originally had but I don’t mind.”

Eve went back to David’s shop yesterday in Duke Street to give him a thank you card.  It said, “Thank you again for your generosity.  It means alot to me that you were so thoughtful in giving me the ring.  Not only did it cheer me up greatly but it has also encouraged me to make more gestures of kindness both big and small.”



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