On the Beat… Henley Police Update

Police were called to Mill Meadows twice last Friday evening (24 July) to disperse a group of young people who were taking things off moored boats there.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said, “A report of assault was made to the police from Mill Meadows, Henley-on-Thames at around 8.55pm on Friday (24/7).It was reported that a teenage boy had been assaulted. The investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made.”

Marisa Whitfield said, “They were attacking anyone they could.  They took stuff off my roof of my boat! Never had such a bad lot down here!”

If you have any information about this incident, please call the Police on 101.


Thames Valley Police received a report of a potential kidnap at around 5.30pm on Thursday 16 July on the A4130 in Henley.

Following enquiries by officers this investigation has now concluded. A police spokesperson said, “We believe that no crime has taken place, no victims have come forward and no offenders have been identified. We would like to reassure the community that reports of this nature will always be taken seriously and a full investigation will be carried out to establish all the facts.”

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  1. Wendy Morley says:

    Why do large groups of teenagers gather at the station they scream, shout, swear, fight and leave masses of rubbish something needs to be done I am constantly woken by them and the police where called Sunday night.


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