Citizens Advice Tip – Organise Fuel Bill Suppliers Before Winter

Did you know that Citizens Advice has advisers who can help you sign up with a new fuel or electricity company, or switch to a better tariff?

There’s no charge for our time and you won’t be steered towards one particular supplier because we’re impartial, having no links with any of them. We offer one-on-one sessions (by telephone at present) and we’ll take a close look at your individual situation.

Now is the time to sort it out before winter closes in with cold autumn gales.

We can help you understand energy bills and various kinds of tariffs, supporting you if you want to switch and calculating the savings you might make. If you’ve fallen behind on bill payments, we can advise you on ways to reduce your debt by budgeting or trying a new payment scheme, for example.

We can also tell you about energy efficiency measures around the house, like draught-proofing windows and doors and installing LED light bulbs. Grants may be available to pay for thermal insulation.

We can check your benefit entitlements and help you to claim them if you’re eligible. There are several helpful schemes like the Priority Services Register and the Warm Home Discount.

And if you have any complaints against your current supplier, we can help you resolve them.

You can find the relevant information on our website at or phone our Adviceline on 0300 330 9042.