Car Crashes into Northfield End Road Island

A silver BMW travelling from the Marlow Road direction hit the island and bollard at the Northfield End roundabout on Friday afternoon at around 2.30pm.

Oil from the engine poured all over the road and island.  The car was seen trying to drive away and the police then stopped the driver.

Councillor David Eggleton who saw the incident said, “It could have been a whole lot worse if there were pedestrians on the island which is used by many to cross the road.”

This junction has been the scene of a number of accidents over the last year including a van who hit an 84-year-old woman who was crossing the road who sadly died in May 2019.  The driver was later charged with dangerous driving.

  1. PoP says:

    It’s a pity no one has has the courtesy to have cleared up the pill spill. The bollards and islands are streaked in oil, which us a trip hazard for anyone crossing the road at this point. Shame on Henley

  2. Liz says:

    May I suggest that the junction including the mini traffic roundabout be investigated. I was driven ‘at’ by a large lorry whilst on the roundabout….traffic travelling along Bell Street ignore the give way markings and assume that they have right of way.
    The whole scheme needs a rethink as we do not need another fatality!


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