Is Henley the New Hedge Fund Capital of the UK?

TriQuant Investments Opens UK Headquarters in Henley-on-Thames

Is Henley-on-Thames the new hedge fund capital of the UK? Well, probably not! Although in Henley itself and in the surrounding villages, where nearly everyone you meet is a fund manager, I suspect many would quite like it to be.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed lots of things.  Nowhere is this change more stark than in the City of London where once teams of powerfully dressed executives poured out of Bank, Monument, and Canon Street tube stations, single-minded, like a colony of ants on the march. Off to search out profits and determine each and every one of our financial futures. Now, all but deserted, no long lunches, no late drinks, no buzz. Empty streets and emptier offices.

Where is everyone? Well, one hedge fund has decided to leave the City and make Henley-on-Thames their new home and headquarters at The Henley Building on Newtown Road. TriQuant Investments, is an algorithm based so called ‘quant fund’ which uses complex algorithms and software models to manage trading risks and generate steady returns for its investors. TriQuant CEO, David Watson commented: “I miss the City and there’s no doubt been a loss of momentum, however, in general we are very good as a nation at adapting and finding new ways to work. For us Henley has financial services with real pedigree, Invesco are known the world over. There are other very significant funds based here. This means there is a pool of talented people locally to be recruited and London remains pretty close for when we need to be there.”

We are delighted to welcome Triquant Investments as a new Herald community sponsor this month.  We asked David what his top tips were for investors during the pandemic and global financial turmoil, he said: “First and foremost is to diversify your investments and spread your risk. Many people now see the stock market as too volatile, others see shares directly affected by the Covid-19, such as airlines as long term investments with significant returns. Gold is a turn-to investment in times of trouble, but again significant volatility has been seen. Corporate Bonds are also experiencing a surge in popularity. Our strategy has remained strong during both the pandemic and Brexit. As a company, risk management and our clients’ capital preservation is the paramount focus, thereafter we are achieving consistent and steady growth.”

The ‘TriQuant Fund’ has produced 4.57% growth year to date and 11.58% since its inception in September 2019. For more information call 01189 3274638 or visit