Hannah’s Death Remains a Mystery

The inquest into the tragic death of Hannah Gibbs who went missing on 13 October 2019 and was found in the river near Harleyford Marina in Marlow on 1 November concluded that her death remains a mystery. Her cause of death was undetermined as her body had been in the river for too long.

Hannah was last seen on CCTV walking to Mill Meadows and her handbag was found on the river bank by a member of the public.

The Bucks Free Press reported that Assistant coroner for Buckinghamshire Alison McCormick said Hannah’s death remains a mystery as the reason she came to be in the river is unknown and was not witnessed by anyone.

Recording an open conclusion, Ms McCormick addressed Hannah’s ex-partner and his father who attended the inquest and said, “That may be unsatisfactory for you and Hannah’s family but unfortunately the evidence does not enable me to come to a definitive conclusion.”

“I’m sorry I cannot reach a more certain conclusion to give the family some element of closure. I’m very sorry to those who have lost Hannah in such a terrible and unexpected way. It is a real testament to how special she was that you are here today.”

Our thoughts are with Hannah’s family and friends.


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  1. Gary Hardiman says:

    My heart felt sympathies go out to Hannah and her family left behind with no closure. I wonder whether this has any similarities to those cases written about in David Paulides books, most of which remain unsolved. The circumstances are very similar to that of another Lady in Oxford, Lorraine Easom found in the river Cherwell. I mentioned this to my wife at the time simply because I was reading missing 411 and it really touched my soul that in this day and age where we have such technologies we can’t even use them to find the truth behind the demise of these poor ladies. God bless all and please look out for each other.


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