Zzoomm Launches Business Service Broadband

After Zzoomm’s successful launch of their high-speed fibre broadband to consumers, Zzoomm are delighted to announce the launch of their business network in Henley this week.

Previously businesses of Henley-on-Thames have had to contend with slow and patchy broadband connections and slow top speeds like 67Mbps. This has meant that businesses have struggled with payment dropouts, bandwidth limitations and complications for staff and no way to use vital tools like cloud services and large file uploads.

With Zzoomm’s Best Broadband and Dedicated Fibre services, Henley businesses can now access speeds from 100 Mbps to 10,000 Mbps, to become the fastest business in Henley (or the UK!). And you will be supporting your business with a local, 6-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) to keep business as usual happening. 

A spokesperson for Zzoomm said, ““Zzoomm is extremely excited to bring businesses across Henley-on-Thames access a brand new Full Fibre Broadband network. In these uncertain times, a reliable and robust broadband connection is vital for us all to get back to business as usual. With Zzoomm providing amazing speeds starting from 100Mbps at £39 per month, all the way to dedicated fibre connections of 10,000Mbps, supported by our 6-hour SLA, 24/7, 5-star rated customer service and a 99.95% network availability, businesses with a Zzoomm connection are getting fantastic value and are ready for the data critical future of business in the UK.”

For more information go to https://zzoomm.com/zzoomm-launches-business-service/



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