Henley Rotary Club Win Golf Putting Competition

The Henley Rotary Clubs broke their lock down embargo with their annual Putting Competition at Badgemore Park Golf Club with the necessary risk assessment, social distancing and hand sanitisation in place.

The Putting Competition between the Rotary Club of Henley Bridge and the Rotary Club of Henley took place on a lovely summer evening last week.  There were 3 parts to the competition:  target putting up and down hill and crazy golf with bunkers, trees and water.

The golf Professionals at Badgemore Park Golf Club  kindly arranged the event, ensuring that staff  were on hand to coach the teams through the secrets of good golf!  Martin Woodbridge, Head Professional & Qualified PGA Coach and Jamie Palmer, Assistant Professional and Junior Organiser certainly had their work cut out to keep everyone on the green!

The competition was very close with the Rotary Club of Henley winning by a narrow margin. Peter Wilkinson was the best player from the Rotary Club of Henley Bridge with a score of 24 and Linda Stern with a score of 31 was the best player from the Rotary Club of Henley.

The Henley Rotary Clubs  are now working towards their next sporting event the Ice House Hill Challenge a 5.4k distance, which takes place between 1 September and 11 October. Ice House Lane is the biggest challenge to those who usually take part in the Henley Half Marathon. which has had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus. The Ice House Hill Challenge can be run at anytime between 1 September and 11 October.  To obtain information and enter go to https://www.henleyhalfmarathon.org/ice-house-hill-challenge-28.html 

Annie Lathaen


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