History Being Made With First English Teams Playing Romanian Oina

The national sport of Romania, Oina is coming to Henley Rugby Club tomorrow (Saturday).  The game is a cross between baseball and British Bulldog with 11 players taking it in turn to hit a leather ball as far as they can before running through a gauntlet of the opposing team.

Henley Hawks Vikings and Vulture players will be learning the game and playing the London Oina Society kicking off at 3pm.

The game is 700 years old and was originally played by Romanian shepherds and it is thought it is the predecessor to baseball.

Last year the London Oina Society was formed and Vikings player Richard Webb joined the team and has organised the game this Saturday.  Last year the team travelled to Transylvania, the heartland of Oina to take on a Romanian team from the Cluj-Napoca. They were the first ever non-Romanian team to play in an official tournament.

This Saturday will be the first ever Oina match played between two British teams.

Gates open at 12 noon.  It’s free admission to watch the game and there will be food and drink available including Tankbeer who are sponsoring the game.



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