Residents Urged to Respond to Voter Registration Reminder

Households in Henley are being urged to respond immediately if they receive a yellow reminder letter from South Oxfordshire District Council about their voter registration details.

Over the summer South Oxfordshire District Council sent a ‘Canvass Communication Form’ to every home requiring residents to check and confirm the details of everyone over the age of 16 that lives in their property.   The council are now sending a yellow reminder form to around 18,700 homes who failed to respond and whose occupants over the age of 16 may have changed since last year.

The council are sending the reminder letters because by law they need to ensure the electoral register is up to date.

The reminder letters explain exactly what occupants need to do – it is very important that residents read it carefully and follow the instructions to confirm any changes.  The easiest way to do this is by visiting – they will need the two-part code on the yellow letter to do this.

By doing this as quickly as possible it will mean that the council don’t have to use additional resources trying to contact people this Autumn to confirm the information.

Margaret Reed, Electoral Registration Officer for South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils, said: “We’d like to thank everyone who needed to respond to our first letter and did so.  However, there are around 18,700 homes we are yet to hear from whose occupants over the age of 16 may have changed since last year.  We are now writing to these homes again asking the residents to confirm their details.

“If you receive a reminder letter please respond as soon as possible.  This will help to ensure that we don’t have to spend unnecessary time and resources contacting properties again in the autumn to confirm their details.”


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