Photographic Survey of HGVs Sees 217 Recorded in 3 Hours

A group consisting of members of Clean Air for Henley, The Henley Society, County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak and resident Amanda Chumas carried out a photographic survey on Wednesday morning on how many large HGVs passed down Bell Street and New Street between 9.00-12.00 noon.

They took photos of large lorries they believed were using Henley as a cut through with some drivers waving at them!  In the 3 hours 217 HGVs were captured.

County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak organised the survey as part of his evidence which will be submitted to request that Oxfordshire County Council apply and introduce a 7.5 tonne weight restriction limit for Henley.  All HGVs who have a valid reason for delivering within 5 miles of the town will be given a permit under the scheme.  Amanda, a resident on Bell Street and retired solicitor is helping to build the case with Stefan.

Stefan said, “We just thought we would get a group of like minded residents together and just do a sample on the spot photographing session recording the number of HGVs who are coming through the town.  Just to exemplify that there are lot coming through the town and that they are causing damage to properties and making lives of residents a misery with noise and air pollution.  It’s another part of the evidence jigsaw.  We have got the raw data from Stantec (traffic survey consultants) but that is just a series of numbers but this is physical evidence of the lorries coming through.  We plan to do more of these in a month’s time hopefully with a whole group of people to do all of the entrances including HGVs coming over the bridge and turning left.  We would love to hear from any volunteers who would like to help with this.”

David Dickie said, “It’s a good start but there’s lots of work still to do.  We’ll learn what questions we can’t answer today and see how we are going to do that.  It’s an evolution.”

Geoff Luckett from The Henley Society said, “The Henley Society seeks to preserve and enhance all that is good about our beautiful town.  The unnecessary incursion of HGVs using the town as a short cut contributes to congestion, increased pollution and danger to property, other motorists and pedestrians.  Our Executive Committee Members were only too keen to participate in this survey and were gratified by the many comments received from passers-by whilst the survey was being undertaken. There is a perfectly good network of roads suited to the use of HGVs and these should be utilised for the good of us all and we must ensure that Sat Nav coordinates are changed to direct traffic to these major roads. The Henley Society fully supports the campaign being headed by Amanda Chumas and Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak.”

The Herald started a petition for residents to sign to also help with the case.  If you haven’t already signed it, please go to



  1. The Vole says:

    I am unclear on the way ahead here. Lorries do not swim. The campaign want to impose a weight limit whilst SODC, are against a third crossing of the river at Playhatch. At least one local politician sits on both panels. The leaders of the campaign to impose the weight limit (for that is what it is, not a ban) have yet to explain to us where the trucks are destined to prove that Henley Bridge is being used as a short cut. Likewise they have yet to describe the alternative routes that such vehicles might utilise.

    Please could the campaign lead produce evidence, rather than just photos, to support their claim.

    I note that concerns have been expressed over trucks turning into New Street. Photographic evidence, quite understandably, has been shown to us to support their case. However we all have seen cars parked on the double yellow lines outside the Bear Shop. Cars parked there prevent drivers of long loads from swinging their trailers clear of the pavement. Would the council, and especially the ubiquitous committee, please inform us how they propose to enforce parking in that small zone, thus aiding the drivers to pass freely?

    Likewise, last week your rival publication told us that lorries where creating chaos. No, these were wide loads, on a legitimate delivery, forced round the back of the Town Hall by a road closure that had no forewarning; on the days the schools went back.

    It takes two to tango…..

  2. Pat Knights says:

    If you are doing any more surveys, If you are doing any more surveys, I would be happy to volunteer to count any HGVs going past my door on the Fairmile.


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