Why is Laminate Flooring the Right Choice for Your Home?

When a house owner needs to replace the flooring of his home, he finds different suggestions from known people and the hired contractor.  However, laminate flooring seems to be the most favourable option that is chosen in most modern households. Some people may think of hardwood flooring to be better than the laminate one. So, it is best to consider all the pros and cons of laminate floors before choosing this flooring material. 

Benefits of installing laminate flooring

Easy installation – Laminated boards are provided with interlock design, which makes the installation of these boards much simpler. Laminate flooring need not be glued, nailed, or screwed in place, as required for other flooring varieties. It simply floats over the subfloor, saving much time and effort otherwise needed for flooring installation. 

Better durability – The laminate floor is resistant to scratches and it is strong enough to bear the weight of heavy traffic. The laminate board has a very hard external layer that is coated with resin, rendering to its high longevity. Hence, this kind of flooring is perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. 

Many varieties available – The quality of the laminate board is chosen according to its location of installation. Thicker laminate boards with higher AC ratings are needed for places experiencing higher traffic. On the other hand, thinner decorative boards are preferred for living rooms and bedrooms, where fewer people need to tread on. Laminate boards are available with wood, tile, and stone finishes. Homeowners can choose laminate boards from a huge variety of colours, designs, thicknesses, and finishes. 

Suitable on all subfloors – Due to the wide versatility of the laminate floor, it can be installed over all types of concrete or wooden subfloors. It can also be easily installed over existing floors made of vinyl or ceramic. Thus, this type of flooring is the best option when hardwood flooring is not possible over certain subfloors. 

Easy maintenance – Since the laminate floor is stain-resistant, it is very easy to clean this floor surface. No extra cleaning agent or device is needed for its maintenance and only the daily sweeping is enough to keep the floor in the desired graceful condition. 

More affordable – The laminate boards are much cheaper than hardwood or marble flooring while it is as functional as other flooring options. Homeowners can get laminate floors within their limited budget, as this flooring is available in a wide variety of price ranges. 

The only disadvantage of the laminate floor is that it cannot be chosen for too wet areas, like a laundry room or bathroom, as the laminated upper layer may come off due to extreme dampness.


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