Mindless Vandalism to Goal Post Meant Matches Were Cancelled

Mindless vandalism of a football goal post by youths seen at the YMCA last Thursday night (17 September) meant that last weekend’s AFC Henley football matches had to be cancelled.
A spokesperson for AFC Henley who use the pitch at the YMCA said, “I went to check conditions last Friday afternoon as I live locally.  To my horror and disgust, I found that the goal post closest to the Tiger Turf enclosure had been seriously damaged making the potential for scheduled football matches on Saturday and Sunday just gone, impossible.”
A witness told us he saw 6-8 Year 11 students (one of which he recognised) who were hanging off and bouncing on the crossbar of the goal on Thursday evening between 7.00-7.30pm.  Their behaviour and aggressive physical presence prevented him from feeling able to intervene.
The AFC Henley spokesperson said,  “The mindless vandalism to a goal that has stood in position for almost 10 years was breathless for it’s sheer audacity and arrogance. The impact of this wanton violence was immediate as we had to cancel games scheduled for last Saturday And Sunday morning, which was so disappointing for everyone involved, especially after all the work done in regard to making football safe in light of Covid.
The youth’s name who was identified has been given to the police and the crime has been reported.  Police are looking for witnesses to identify other youths that were involved.
After returning to try and remove the damaged crossbar on Sunday, club officials found it had been damaged further overnight on Saturday.
The bent and buckled goal post has now been removed and the club will look at finding a solution so that football can return to the YMCA pitch although this might take some time and there are financial implications.

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