Shiplake Parish Council to Re-Apply for Pub to be Community Asset

Shiplake Parish Council are planning to reapply for an Asset of Community Value (ACV) status for The Plowden Arms pub.

The Council originally looked at applying for this status in 2017 when the pub was being sold by Brakspear but it was withdrawn.  The pub was bought by David Morris and Karen Rackham who ran the pub for 18 months but it suddenly closed in January 2019 without any notice.

It is now on the market again for £450,000 for the freehold through Sidney Phillips, of Hereford.

In order for Shiplake PC to apply for ACV, South Oxfordshire District Council have asked them to provide evidence of its social and community value. To provide the data the Council have created a brief questionnaire for residents to complete online HERE by 11 October.

Chris Penrose said, “We would hope as many people in the Shiplake villages (and neighbouring villages) complete this questionnaire as possible. Please spread the word to your neighbours to complete. Many thanks in advance for your response to the questionnaire.”


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