Cafe Scientifique Talk – The Elizabeth Line

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Café Scientifique Henley presents The Elizabeth Line – How was it built under London and how will we look after it?

The Central Section of the £19 billion Crossrail programme is planned to open for passenger service in 2022.

The business case envisaged benefits of £42 billion, with some 10% of journeys made on the Underground involving the Elizabeth line.

Journey times across London will be substantially reduced. To achieve this has required the building of 42 km of 7 metre diameter tunnels deep below London.

This talk will describe the challenges encountered in the engineering of the Tunnels and Stations, and the very different approach to the monitoring and maintenance of the new railway infrastructure compared to the existing Underground.

Speaker   John Crosfield  

1974 BSC Civil Engineering and 1978 Chartered Engineer

2012-2019 Crossrail  Head of Technical Assurance (focused on the Elizabeth Line’s infrastructure).

2019-2020 Lead Assurance Engineer in the Crossrail Handover Delivery Team.

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