St Mary’s Pupils Join Young People Around the World for Be Well Day

The children at St Mary’s Preparatory School joined over 55,000 children and young people around the world to draw attention to the vital role of mental and physical wellbeing in education.

Covid-19 has put the spotlight on young people’s wellbeing more than ever before, so last Friday St. Mary’s School collapsed the curriculum to mark Global Be Well Day – a worldwide event led by Cognita, the group of over 75 schools of which it is a member.

Rob Harmer, Headmaster, St. Mary’s School said, “The uncertainty of Covid-19 has meant that our school has pivoted to and from online teaching and learning at various points over the last six months. We are prepared that this blended approach to learning may continue for some time, and that makes our priority focus on wellbeing doubly important.”

Children throughout the school enjoyed participating in a variety of activities during the day, relating to the key wellbeing themes of: Sleep, Diet and Exercise, Connecting, Doing and Giving. From the Nursery children enjoying Cosmic Yoga and a playdough disco, to the Year 6 children learning about the importance of getting good sleep and making Dreamcatchers, every year group got involved.

The Year 2 children really enjoyed the opportunity to spend an afternoon outside in the fresh air, and teamed up to plant spring bulbs and pretty pansies. Year 4 learned about mindfulness, meditation and how breathing techniques can be used to help combat anxiety.

Kate Bodle, Deputy Head, Pastoral and Wellbeing Lead commented, “ By joining together on Global Be Well Day 2020, we are reinforcing the vital importance of wellbeing as the foundation that needs to underpin every aspect of education. We are very proud of our reputation for providing outstanding pastoral care in a nurturing environment, and we know that this culture supports all of our children in achieving their best possible outcomes.”

Earlier in the year, the school was awarded Stonewall School Champion Bronze Award by campaign group Stonewall, for their work in creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and respect for all and the All Together Gold award by the Anti Bullying Alliance, in recognition of the work that the school has done in creating a positive environment and developing effective anti-bullying strategies.

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